Does Apricot Kernel Have Natural Cure for Cancer?

Raw Bitter Organic Apricot Kernels - Alternative medicine for the cancer cure.

With changed lifestyle and increase carcinogen in our environment, there is a substantial surge in cancer ailments across the world.

Chemotherapy is one of the painful alternatives to cancer treatment. In order to seek a more natural treatment for cancer, there is an increased trend in looking for the solution provided by nature in raw form


There has been increased consumption of Organic Apricot Seeds as an active supplement to fight the cancer cells naturally. The Apricot Seeds have naturally occurring Vitamin B17. 


Due to bitter taste, it's always preferable to eat along with other dry fruits like Walnuts. 


There is one concern raised in the media about the generation of natural cyanide from these kernels. However, these cyanides are decomposed by healthy cells by generating enzymes, however, cancer cells do not have the ability to decompose these cyanides and eventually dies off. 

However, there are no scientific studies to support or deny these claims. 

Bitter Apricot Kernel Vitamin B17




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